Guest Posting Guidelines

Why write on the Snipcart blog?

Since our launch in 2013, our blog has become our number one business driver at Snipcart. It also helped us position ourselves as a developer-first company championing developer freedom, creativity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Exposure & connections

We share all of our blog content with 20,000+ email newsletter subscribers every month. We also share it on our social media channels (5200+ Facebook fans, 5600+ Twitter followers). These subscribers and followers are mostly developers, e-commerce merchants, or SaaS/startup enthusiasts. With a guest post on our blog, your ideas, expertise, and projects will land right in their inbox and social feeds.

Note: If you end up developing any kind of plugin or extension for Snipcart and another tool, we'll also gladly feature you on our Community & integrations page.


You’ll also get expert feedback on your copywriting and technical ideas from experienced members of our team who are passionate about what they do (content marketing + front and back-end development).


If there's organic opportunity, we'll help you optimize the post for SEO. And yeah, of course, you’ll get a direct backlink or two from us. :)


You'll get significant real estate space on the post to present yourself and promote your product, business or activities.

Our editorial guidelines


We’re looking for content that will appeal to the most prominent segment of our audience: developers. More specifically (but not exclusively), front-end developers who handle or will handle e-commerce projects.


We will only accept well-crafted guest posts on our blog. This means your English has to be on-point, your content has to be clearly structured (think sections, steps, subtitles), your code snippets have to be flawless, and your post has to be authentic. We won’t accept re-posts from other blogs. Your post has to inform, teach or inspire developers.


Snipcart’s blog isn’t a corporate blog. We like to tell jokes and stories in our posts. All of our team members try to keep it real and stay human, warm and entertaining when they write. So if you want to write for us, just be yourself. To get a better feeling of what we mean, make sure you read a few of our posts before reaching out!

Technical details

Length: Between 800 - 2500 words.

Format: We use Markdown to format our blog posts. Ideally, your submitted post (whether it’s a Gist, a simple text file or a Google Doc) should be in Markdown. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry, our content guy will take care of the formatting!


Before reaching out to us, ask yourself this general question:

How can your product, your business, your experience or your ideas help developers be better at their jobs, or have more fun while doing it?

In order to inspire and guide you, here are a few different topics you could write about on our blog:

  • How can developers use Snipcart with your favorite tools?

  • How can they improve and monitor site performance?

  • Which tools can improve or accelerate their workflow?

  • How can they automate various e-commerce or marketing operations for their websites?

  • Which trend, language, framework or tool should they try or be on the lookout for (or abandon)?

And a few guest posts examples:

Pitching us your guest post ideas

Once you’ve read our guidelines and are sure you can bring value to our blog and audience, you can email us. In your email, make sure you:

  • Describe in 2-3 sentences your guest post idea.
  • Give us 2-3 potential titles for your guest post.

Then, give us a week tops to get back to you! We’ll let you know if your guest post is approved, when it could be scheduled in our content calendar, and what the next steps are.

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