E-commerce platform for developers, by developers

Snipcart is the shopping cart solution developers rely on to craft e-commerce experiences of any kind. It came from the pain we felt, as developers, when integrating e-commerce into any website.

What is Snipcart?

Powerful, easy to install shopping cart platform.

Snipcart is a powerful, developer-first HTML/JavaScript shopping cart platform. You can use it to add custom e-commerce to any sites or web applications in minutes.

Scalable e-commerce API for developers

Connect your e-commerce API integration with almost any technologies and systems. A RESTful API, JS API & webhooks all make for as flexible a development experience as you can get. For instance, you could access Snipcart data from any point, or set up a custom inventory management system.

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JavaScript & HTML-powered e-commerce

All you need to get started with Snipcart is a few JavaScript lines of code in your codebase and to define your product with HTML. Any HTML elements on your pages can become a buy-button. Then, go on and play with JS & CSS to push your shopping cart integration further.

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Unique & customizable shopping UX

CSS is yours! Create the look & feel that fits your clients’ brand. Add overriding styles to customize the cart and shopping experience to the fullest. Customers will be able to totally complete transactions inside one brand-customized pop-up shopping cart.

How to customize Snipcart

Giving power & freedom back to developers

Break free from monolithic and cumbersome e-commerce CMSs. By decoupling CMS and e-commerce, developers can use the right tools for the right job on a modular level. We believe in the promises of the JAMstack and the power of static web development, headless CMSs & serverless architectures.

What makes Snipcart so compelling is how easy it makes ecommerce integration. Being able to drop in a snippet and quickly get up and running with a full shopping cart and checkout flow without having to deal with typical ecomm technical and UX challenges makes it easy for any business on any tech stack to get started.

On top of that, Snipcart comes with a fantastic team who's passionate about helping people get their products online.

Colby Fayock
Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary

Snipcart makes it unbelievably easy to enable commerce anywhere. I can bring my products, drop a buy button and have a fully functioning cart and checkout in minutes. Tax and Shipping integrations with webhooks give me the ultimate flexibility to sell all over the world.

Jamie Barton
Developer advocate at GraphCMS & GraphQL expert

Snipcart is a great product. - In a very short space of time it has become a key component of our business. The documentation is clear and accurate. It's extremely easy to install, and has loads of features. The support team is very responsive and supportive. I love the way the product is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful e-commerce solution. - I highly recommend it.

Ayo Adesina
Lead developer at AsoRock Restaurant