Mobile Shopping Cart for Any Website

Any site, transactional or not, benefits from serving the same set of URLs and HTML to various devices (SEO, user experience, etc.). And we wouldn’t want you to lose those benefits while using our shopping cart.


Sell more products with your mobile shopping cart

Mobile optimization and responsive design are crucial for your online store and its presence in the search engines (SEO). With Snipcart, your mobile shopping cart will dynamically adapt to every screen size so smartphone, tablet and desktop users will all convert more smoothly. Optimal viewing and shopping experience to make sure you're not losing mobile customers. See other responsive e-commerce experiences developers have built for merchants.

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Avoid customer pain: mobile-friendly shopping

Mobile commerce now accounts for more than 30% of e-commerce in the US. It's not an option anymore; it's a must. The responsiveness of your cart will ensure that the user experience isn’t hindered because of the hardware in play. No frustrated mobile shoppers, no lost sales, better customer relationships.


Keep users on-site: complete mobile checkout

Whether they’re on mobile, tablet or desktop, users can go through a complete checkout directly on your site’s cart. Our mobile shopping cart design keeps users in one seamless shopping environment. No useless redirection for payments; less customer friction. See the other e-commerce benefits our solution brings to the table.


Perform on all screens: High-level compatibility

Thanks to a powerful combination of HTML5 and CSS3, you get clean, fast front-end performance. Offer high-level cart compatibility with all recent browsers and screens.

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