Digital Products

A Shopping Cart for Digital Downloads in Minutes

Snipcart makes selling digital products globally from any website easy, fast, and secure.

Already have your own website? Simply add eCommerce functionalities to your site in minutes to turn it into an online store. All you need to do is copy and paste a few lines of code, and you are ready to start selling.

Any Digital Products

Selling digital products online comes with advantages compared to physical products; there is no cost associated with inventory and shipping and no need to manage the orders. It can all be done automatically.

With Snipcart, all digital goods can become an item you can sell online.

Here are a few digital products our customers sell:

  • Online courses

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Templates

  • Webinars

  • Tutorials

  • Podcasts

  • Software & apps

  • Video games

  • Stock photos

  • Fonts

  • Audiobooks

  • Graphic design

We support almost any type of digital product. You can upload your files directly in your Snipcart dashboard from video content, PDF files, and software to make them instantly available to your customers.

Seamless Checkout for Your Digital Products

Snipcart comes with a default template that will blend well with most websites.

You can fully customize your checkout and shopping cart to fit your site’s design if you wish. A uniform design during the checkout process improves user experience and can help reduce cart abandonment. With our theming feature, you can customize everything from your buttons, links, inputs, badges, and the global cart’s style. 

Want to customize the shopping process? No problem, simply override our default template or use our JavaScript SDK.

Increase Your Sales with a Localized Shopping Experience

Snipcart supports multi-currency and multi-language. So you can offer the best experience to your customers, wherever they are. It’s never been easier to sell globally, especially when you are selling digital goods.

A Secure Way to Sell Digital Products Without Changing Platforms

We store your digital files in our secure cloud server. A unique link is generated for each transaction, so only your customer can access your content.

With Snipcart technology, the whole checkout process happens directly on your website. No redirection to a payment processing page on a different domain is needed. 

Snipcart is hosted with PCI compliance specifications. This means we never store any credit card information, and each request is encrypted through SSL.

Automated Products Delivery via Email

No need for a separate email automation tool. Create an email template to automate the delivery of your digital goods to your customers once they’ve completed a purchase. 

A download link will be sent directly to your clients’ inboxes on your behalf so they can access it immediately after purchase.

Your clients can access your goods instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a storage limit?

The file size you can upload is limited to 20 M by default. However, you can contact us to increase it.

Can my customers reuse the download link?

You decide. You can set a download limit per order directly from the merchant dashboard. You can also select an expiration date.

My product changed; can I make it available to my existing customers?

Yes, you can upload a new version of the file in the dashboard and send it to everyone who purchased it already.

Are the rules I used for the download link apply to the customer account download button?

Yes, the same rules apply to the download button in your customers’ dashboard.

What makes Snipcart so compelling is how easy it makes ecommerce integration. Being able to drop in a snippet and quickly get up and running with a full shopping cart and checkout flow without having to deal with typical ecomm technical and UX challenges makes it easy for any business on any tech stack to get started.

On top of that, Snipcart comes with a fantastic team who's passionate about helping people get their products online.

Colby Fayock
Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary

Snipcart makes it unbelievably easy to enable commerce anywhere. I can bring my products, drop a buy button and have a fully functioning cart and checkout in minutes. Tax and Shipping integrations with webhooks give me the ultimate flexibility to sell all over the world.

Jamie Barton
Developer advocate at GraphCMS & GraphQL expert

Snipcart is a great product. - In a very short space of time it has become a key component of our business. The documentation is clear and accurate. It's extremely easy to install, and has loads of features. The support team is very responsive and supportive. I love the way the product is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful e-commerce solution. - I highly recommend it.

Ayo Adesina
Lead developer at AsoRock Restaurant