Abandoned carts

Cart abandonment software & instant recovery email campaigns

Most of your customers WILL abandon their shopping carts. It’s sad but true. Merchants today are struggling to increase order completion rate. That’s why we built an easy-to-use cart abandonment solution right into our e-commerce software. Details below!

What is Snipcart?

Powerful, easy to install shopping cart platform.

Snipcart is a powerful, developer-first HTML/JavaScript shopping cart platform. You can use it to add custom e-commerce to any sites or web applications in minutes.

Access a detailed list of abandoned carts

With our cart abandonment software, you can find all your unfinished carts in a comprehensive list in your dashboard. Filter incomplete orders by time range, value, user emails, or selected products. From there, reach out manually to customers, or better yet, use our automated recovery campaigns.

Order management

Recover abandoned carts with targeted email campaigns

Increase revenue by setting up multi-steps email campaigns for abandoned carts. Send up to 3 different recovery emails at 3 different time triggers. Insert custom copy & discounts at each step. 68% of shoppers leave their cart behind; don’t let them get away!

Build and send personalized email templates

No need to stick to our default email templates! Thanks to a simple HTML editor, you can craft fully customizable email recovery templates. Let your brand show: inject warm copy, funny call-to-actions, custom designs, and more. Set up a look and feel that’ll swiftly bring customers back to their unfinished business!

Templates documentation

Incentivize order completion with exclusive discounts

Attach discounts to your recovery campaigns that encourage customers to finish their orders. Different promotions can be added to each step of your campaigns. Discount will display directly in recovery emails and be automatically applied to the customer’s cart.

Discounts details

Set your campaigns and let profits come in!

The recovery campaigns you create will be sent automatically to each new abandoned cart matching your conditions. Just set it and forget it. No need to manage campaigns manually: use that time to build customer relationships and improve your business!

What makes Snipcart so compelling is how easy it makes ecommerce integration. Being able to drop in a snippet and quickly get up and running with a full shopping cart and checkout flow without having to deal with typical ecomm technical and UX challenges makes it easy for any business on any tech stack to get started.

On top of that, Snipcart comes with a fantastic team who's passionate about helping people get their products online.

Colby Fayock
Dev Advocate at Applitools