Send Email Invoices for Your E-Commerce Billing

To make your life simpler, we’ve automated and streamlined the invoicing process directly within Snipcart. Using our simple template, you can create and send detailed and customized order confirmations to your customers. Here’s why your e-commerce billing operations will go smoothly.


Send detailed invoices automatically

Order confirmation emails are insanely valuable to your business: they get more than 100% opening rates, stimulate customer engagement, and generate repeat business. With Snipcart, once your customer is through with a transaction, he’ll receive a detailed email invoice instantly.

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Customize your email invoices

Easily add your logo, sender name, terms and conditions and any extra HTML information to all of your invoices. You can also use our webhooks to send fully custom email invoices to your customers. Your default email invoice template can include:

  • Company logo and branding
  • Billing & shipping address
  • Purchased items & images
  • Order sub-total
  • Shipping methods & taxes applied
  • Promo codes & discounts applied
  • Total & payment info
  • Custom invoice email message

Immediately collect proofs of payments

Every single customer transaction on your online store is stored directly in your admin dashboard. Consult and export them at any time.


Send order tracking numbers

Delight your customers by following up on your email invoices with tracking numbers as soon as their order ships. The orders tab of your merchant dashboard lets you do just that in a few quick clicks. Your customers will enjoy tracking their order themselves from your store to their doorstep!

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Provide invoice history through a customer dashboard

Whether you’re selling products or subscriptions, you can offer customers access to their full order history list by enabling the customer dashboard on your site.

Customer dashboard details

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