We offer fair, scalable pricing plans for small to large online businesses.

Standard plan

2%/ transactions*

+ Payment gateway fees

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Your revenues get directly deposited in your account, and we charge a tiny percentage based on the sales you made.

What’s included:

  • Forever free Test development
  • Responsive technical support
  • Comprehensive merchant dashboard
  • Secure transactions
  • Unlimited products (physical, digital, subscriptions)
  • Unlimited product variants & discounts
  • Unlimited domains/subdomains
  • Unlimited tax rates & customer accounts
  • Customizable shopping cart
  • Full set of APIs & webhooks
  • 6 payment gateways
  • Custom payment gateway
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Custom shipping methods
  • Customizable invoices
  • Multi-currency
  • Abandoned carts recovery
  • Real-time shipping estimates
  • Inventory management
  • Custom email templates
  • TaxCloud & TaxJar integrations

*For clients with monthly sales under $500, the 2% will be replaced by a $10 monthly fee.

I am special plan

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+ Payment gateway fees

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Your revenues get directly deposited in your account without any middleman.

What’s included:

  • All Standard plan features
  • Adapted pricing (reduced % and fixed fee for high-volumes).

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Non-profits & schools

We understand that your organizations often operate under specific conditions, sometimes dealing with limited financial and human resources. We decided to adjust our standard pricing accordingly by dropping our usual 2% commission to 1.5% (no $10 minimal monthly fee applied). This is our way of showing some respect to many individuals’ efforts and dedication to social good and education.


Crowdfunding can be a critical step towards your project’s success. We believe the momentum of this process shouldn’t be compromised by external factors, so we’re offering a reduced pricing for all crowdfunding activities. If crowdfunding is your reality, know that we’ll be dropping our 2% commission fee to 1.5% should you chose to use Snipcart (no $10 minimal monthly fee applied). Consider this our way of supporting collaborative initiatives!

Unique, specific needs?

We’re well aware both our pricing plans won’t cover every possible online business scenarios. In that regard, we’re willing to open discussions if you believe a particular pricing could better suit your business model or transactional project. Whether it implies seasonal sales, experimental projects, or specific e-commerce needs, we’ll be glad to discuss alternate pricing possibilities with you and your team.

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"Snipcart provided a low-friction, drop-in cart service that was perfect for our project. Customizing was a piece of cake, and their devoted support and eagerness to evolve have been a constant and pleasant surprise."

Matt Stein Developer & Founder Working Concept

"Integrating Snipcart into our online store was a breath of fresh air! Not only did it take care of all the heavy lifting involved with a shopping cart, but it also never made us compromise."

Dillon Morton Designer & Developer Fake Diamonds Clothing

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