Who are we?

We’re a team of geeks from Québec City, Canada. We empower developers and agencies all over the world by offering them a flexible, HTML/JS-based shopping cart solution.

Any street cred?

Snipcart is an e-commerce solution that came straight out of Spektrum Media’s startup program. We’ve been crafting great software for important businesses and organizations in Canada and the US for a decade now. Our team of experienced developers, designers and managers has built extensive management platforms that range from a simple shopping cart to a complete inventory management system integrated with an ERP.

What's our mission?

Currently, there is virtually no lean, easy solutions for e-commerce based on real developers and designers needs. Sure, there are TONS of e-commerce solutions designed for merchants, but almost none for web designers and developers that actually build the solution. In that sense, Snipcart has been created to remove the pain of building amazing e-commerce platforms into any website. As a dedicated team, we pledge to the following statements:

Deliver a beautiful and easy to integrate shopping cart platform;

Develop user-driven features based on real pains and requirements;

Provide out-of–this-world personalized support and help;

Always offer a developer-oriented product.

Why is our product awesome?

Because it’s technology-independent

Snipcart has been built technology and CMS independent. Whether you use PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Java or God knows what, Snipcart can be plugged in, as long as you have control over your outputted HTML Markup. CMS, you say? No problem! If it’s WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco or your favourite homemade in-house platform, again, if you have access to the HTML you can easily use Snipcart and start selling online within minutes.

Because it’s fully customizable

By playing with the CSS and our API, you’ll be able to make sure your cart looks and acts the way you want it to. Cart design and behaviour are as customizable as you’ll need them to be. Visit this page on customization for more details. Of course, the cart is also fully responsive.

Because it’s simple

It’s a clean and simple solution, solely HTML-based, just like developers like it. To give you an idea, Snipcart can be integrated in 2 easy steps:

  1. Including the JavaScript magic script to your site (Just like you would with Google Analytics, for instance).
  2. Adding the markup for your products to any buttons or links.

Want to learn more?

If you want to know more about ourselves or our product, you can read our blog, where we share insights on our startup journey, technical tips, and updates on our product development.