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A comprehensive list of Snipcart's e-commerce features, complete with direct links to more feature pages.

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E-commerce integration

Supercharge e-commerce integration: connect your shopping cart with any CMS, CRM, email, inventory & POS with powerful APIs & webhooks.
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Quick set up

Try our fast shopping cart integration to save on e-commerce development time & costs, and get your online store up and running quickly.
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Add a custom shopping cart to your e-commerce site with Snipcart: flexible CSS personalization, flexible API & powerful webhooks.
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API & webhooks

Use our e-commerce API to scale your shopping cart platform and streamline e-commerce with a RESTful API, a JS API, & powerful webhooks.
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Integrate a fully mobile shopping cart with Snipcart's e-commerce platform, complete with responsive checkout & high-level screen compatibility.
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Recurring & subscriptions

Easily collect recurring payments and sell subscription plans with Snipcart's e-commerce platform on any website or web application.
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Physical goods

Integrate Snipcart's shopping cart and sell goods all over the world with top-tier payment gateways and international shipping carriers.
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Digital Goods

Upload any kind of digital good to your merchant dashboard. A single drag and drop is all you'll have to do to create your new product.
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Create promo codes & e-commerce coupons in your Snipcart merchant dashboard. Boost sales with gift cards, promotions, free shipping & more.
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Payment gateways

See our list of supported e-commerce payment gateways, and how they can help you process secure transactions & propel your online store.
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Connect with our supported e-commerce shipping solutions to fulfill orders on your store. Real-time estimates and worldwide shipping.
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Automatically send email invoices and order confirmations to your customers. Collect immediate payment proofs for your e-commerce billing.
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Customer dashboard

Enable customer accounts for your online store & provide customer dashboards complete with orders history.
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Start accepting currencies from all over the world on your e-commerce website in a few minutes only.
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Inventory management

Use our dead-simple e-commerce inventory management system to keep track of products stock levels across your Snipcart online store.
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Abandoned carts

Boost conversions up to 20% with our cart abandonment software. Send recovery campaigns with custom email templates & exclusive discounts.
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Merchant dashboard

Manage e-commerce operations in a full-blown dashboard: performance analytics, customer/order management, discounts, abandoned carts, & more.
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JS-centric e-commerce

Leverage JavaScript to craft great e-commerce experiences. Snipcart offers a production-ready, JS-powered shopping cart + a full JS API. Plays nice with React, Vue, Angular, and Node. Early access to our JS SDK is open!
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HTML-based shopping cart

Work directly from your HTML source code to add a shopping cart to your existing website. Transform any HTML element into a buy button and craft a custom e-commerce experience using JavaScript and CSS.
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