A customizable shopping cart directly in the HTML of your website

Get a custom HTML shopping cart running on any site or app with a dead-simple combination of HTML & JavaScript. Turn any HTML element into a working “buy button” and open up shop in no time!

An e-commerce website ready in no time

Two simple steps to transform your website into a live e-commerce site:

1. Add the necessary JavaScript and cart's CSS snippets to your site.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>E-Commerce Website The Fast Way</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.snipcart.com/themes/v3.3.0/default/snipcart.css" />
    <div class="content">
      Your site content here
    <script async src="https://cdn.snipcart.com/themes/v3.3.0/default/snipcart.js"></script>
    <div hidden id="snipcart" data-api-key="YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY"></div>

2. Define your products' details directly in your HTML source code.

<button class="snipcart-add-item"
  data-item-description="Add a cart platform to your favorite website"
  data-item-name="Shopping Cart">
  Add to cart

That’s it! No need to build a whole new website; simply add Snipcart.

*Note that Snipcart v2.0 uses jQuery

A shopping cart with low time to market

The integration is a walk in the park. Whether you’re using WordPress, a static site generator, a JavaScript framework, or anything else, Snipcart can be added in minutes.

No plugins required.

Everything can be seamlessly integrated from the add to cart button, the checkout page, and the cart items. Follow our tutorials to get started quickly.

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Turn any HTML element into an “add to cart” button

No database is needed. All your product information, including custom fields, is stored in the HTML markup. Manage your products inventory easily in Snipcart's merchant dashboard.

With Snipcart, your existing website’s frontend effortlessly turns into an online shop!

Learn how to define your products

Customizable shopping cart to fit your website design

Use our default cart template or create your own! Change the look and feel of your shopping cart with basic JavaScript & CSS.

You can also show custom cart summaries, and trigger custom thank you pages. Read our checkout optimization guide to get started.

Secure HTML e-commerce markup

Snipcart crawls the product information defined in your HTML before any transaction occurs. This way, we make sure malevolent users have altered nothing in your shopping cart.

We’re also PCI compliant and communicating through the HTTPS protocol.

Our secure infrastructure guarantees peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

Paired with a complete e-commerce back office

Snipcart comes with a full store back-office. "Zero" backend configuration needed.

Once your customer clicks the checkout button, Snipcart takes care of the rest.

You get all the features of a regular e-commerce platform without the downsides of being attached to their CMS.

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Other Snipcart's features

JavaScript eCommerce

Leverage JavaScript to craft great e-commerce experiences. Snipcart offers a production-ready, JS-powered shopping cart + an entire JS API. Plays nice with React, Vue, Angular, and Node.

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Integrate a mobile-friendly shopping cart with Snipcart's e-commerce platform. A complete responsive checkout & high-level screen compatibility.

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A Vue-powered shopping cart

Snipcart’s frontend was built with Vue.js because of its modularity, speed & high performance. It also integrates very well into anything Vue.js—from simple websites to SPAs & PWAs.

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Start accepting currencies from all over the world on your website in a few minutes only.

Simply define currency-specific product prices directly in your HTML and set the currency in the <div> containing your API key. Or use our JavaScript SDK API for a dynamic setup.

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What makes Snipcart so compelling is how easy it makes ecommerce integration. Being able to drop in a snippet and quickly get up and running with a full shopping cart and checkout flow without having to deal with typical ecomm technical and UX challenges makes it easy for any business on any tech stack to get started.

On top of that, Snipcart comes with a fantastic team who's passionate about helping people get their products online.

Colby Fayock
Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary

Snipcart makes it unbelievably easy to enable commerce anywhere. I can bring my products, drop a buy button and have a fully functioning cart and checkout in minutes. Tax and Shipping integrations with webhooks give me the ultimate flexibility to sell all over the world.

Jamie Barton
Developer advocate at GraphCMS & GraphQL expert

Snipcart is a great product. - In a very short space of time it has become a key component of our business. The documentation is clear and accurate. It's extremely easy to install, and has loads of features. The support team is very responsive and supportive. I love the way the product is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful e-commerce solution. - I highly recommend it.

Ayo Adesina
Lead developer at AsoRock Restaurant