Meet the Snipcart team 👋

Well, hello there! The fine folks you see below are all an integral part of the Snipcart team. Some code, some write, and some just hang around for Free Lunch Fridays. But all of them grow.

Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Head of Snipcart

Francois has worked in SaaS & digital marketing for over 7 years. He’s been published on Indie Hackers, The Startup, freeCodeCamp, Baremetrics, Wishpond, and—among others. He’s spoken at 13+ startup and web development conferences in Canada, U.S.A., and Europe. He's been a vocal bootstrapping and Jamstack proponent for years.

Charles Ouellet

Co-Founder & Product Owner

Charles has been coding for over 16 years (if we count his glory days with HTML/PHP). He's the founder and lead developer behind Snipcart and has spoken at several web development events including the WAQ, VueToronto and WinnipegJS. Formerly a backend programmer, he's now fluent in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue.js. Charles is also a big believer in the JAMstack.

Francis Cote


Francis has been programming for over 13 years and is a self-described "lazy developer" automating every redundant task. He started his career in database and Angular development. Today, he focuses on backend database challenges and is also fluent in TypeScript & Vue.js. When Francis isn't coding for Snipcart, he spends his time with his family, playing a round of ultimate frisbee, or beating his colleagues at foosball.

Dominic Blain


Dominic started learning basic HTML, CSS, and PHP/MySQL at 15 years old with the objective to build his own browser-based game. Designer by trade, he never stopped honing his development skills and has been a full-time web developer for over 6 years. Javascript and its ecosystem (Typescript, Vue, Nuxt, Svelte) are his main tools, but he likes to dabble with back-end code. If he’s not coding, he’ll be busy trying a new favorite hobby.

Mark Zalzal

Data Analyst

Mark has been crunching and analyzing data for 4 years. He loves asking questions and deriving solutions to complex problems. He has also been an entrepreneur, launching his first SaaS company at 21.

Frederick Hamon

Developer Frederick has been coding for over 7 years as a full-stack developer. His strong suits are Node.js and Vue.js. He loves to discover new technologies that push the boundaries of web development. Driven by problem-solving and being a great listener, Frederick has proven to be a great asset in a team: always making sure everyone understands what needs to be done and how. Between his commits and reviews, he also provides excellent music recommendations!

JP Sirois


Jean-Philippe has been developing for the Web long enough to have nightmares about IE6. Remember DD_belatedPNG? No weather stops him from bike commuting all year long. As a huge LEGO fan, he enjoys building by himself or with his kids. Lately, he’s been waking his Ping-Pong muscle memory from 20 years ago to try to beat his colleagues.

Florence Pomerleau-Cruz

HR Office Manager

Florence is a caring, organized manager. She balances business goals with employees’ needs and aspirations through transparent communications. She is passionate about cooking and loves meeting new people. After hours, she enjoys pursuing her creative projects, organizing events, and drinking London Fog. Multi-tasking is her superpower!

Yanick Ouellet


Yanick started coding 12 years ago when the Warcraft 3 map editor led him to discover the C language. Since then, he learned quite a lot and is now about to complete his PhD, which taught him to pay special attention to his code's efficiency. He reads fantasy books or plays Dungeon and Dragons with his friends when he is not coding.