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Wait, who are you guys exactly?


We're a happy bunch of geeks from Québec City with a simple mission: offer developers the modern e-commerce product they really deserve.

Most current e-commerce solutions are either bloated closed ecosystems, rigid platform-specific plugins, or oversimplified "sell everywhere!" solutions. More often than not, by trying to make everything extra easy for merchants, they make things extra frustrating for developers. They hinder their ability to create tailored online shopping experiences. Which, in turn, hurts the very online business they're trying to help build.

Snipcart is different.

The tip of our product's iceberg is a lean, customizable shopping cart you can integrate to any site or web app. Below the surface, however, is a whole set of APIs & webhooks you can use to extend e-commerce functionalities as needed. And it comes with a feature-rich hosted merchant dashboard, of course.

Snipcart relies on simple HTML and JavaScript, making it an active player in the new frontend stack and API economy. It isn't 2005 anymore: browsers have matured, and site building tools have multiplied. Developers should be able to pick the right tools for the right job.

And we like to think Snipcart is suited for any of these jobs.

Keen on learning more about us? Our documentation and blog will do the trick.

What do you have to offer?

Wait, the opportunity to change the way developers handle e-commerce all over the world isn't enough? All right then, here's some more cool stuff:

→ Ultra-flexible work schedule

→ Remote-friendly—work from anywhere

→ All the hardware you need

→ Collective insurance protection plan

→ Competitive salaries

→ HQ: Free coffee & beer 24/7 + killer Friday lunches

→ HQ: Games & chilling spaces

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