What programming skills do I need to set up Snipcart?

What you need to know is this: yes, integrating Snipcart with your website will require a basic amount of programming skills, whether they’re yours or somebody else’s.

HTML: Basic Snipcart set up

A minimal knowledge of HTML will be needed in order to get Snipcart (and your awesome new e-commerce site) up and running. You’ll need to be able to add and remove some HTML content from a web page. If you’re using a CMS, having direct access to your code so you can modify it will be key. Essentially, HTML manipulations will allow you to define and create buy buttons for your products.

JavaScript and CSS: leveraging Snipcart features

An understanding of JavaScript will allow you to use Snipcart’s API (say, to make your cart autofill some fields) and to link your site with Google Analytics. As a matter of fact, if you’ve already integrated Google Analytics, you should do alright using Snipcart. An understanding of JavaScript events will also help.

As for the CSS, well, all your cart’s visual customization depends on it. You’ll need to understand CSS in order to customize the look, feel, dimensions and user experience of your own shopping cart.


But don’t worry, we’re a bunch of good guys over here at Snipcart, and we’ll be happy to help you and hopefully guide your decision-making process towards the right path. So if you’ve got doubts or questions about anything regarding Snipcart’s technical integration, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

And if you’re looking for some more in-depth explanations and examples, go ahead and look up our comprehensive documentation section.

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