How can I sell Snipcart to non-technical users?

Generally speaking, developers dig Snipcart. It's a technical, clean and customizable e-commerce solution. By reading our code and looking at integration demos, they can see for themselves how good an e-commerce option our cart really is.

Unfortunately, this smooth communication phenomenon doesn't happen as much when non-technical individuals stumble upon Snipcart. But we know how important it is for developers to justify their choices of tech to non-technical clients. So here’s a quick guide to selling Snipcart to these users.

1. Vulgarize & turn technical features into tangible benefits. Example? Time = money. Since Snipcart is directly injected inside a website's code using pure HTML/JS, the shopping cart integration can be done very quickly. This is even truer if the client already has a website he wants to keep.

Another example? Infinite customization. With a few lines of CSS, you can make our pop-up shopping cart match your website's colors and branding. For the client, this means you can adapt Snipcart's look and feel to the existing online brand experience. Oh, and all this, without ever letting the customer leave the website.

2. Show & compare. Show them the cart & checkout flow. If you head to our homepage and hit the “Try the cart” button our default cart will pop up with our minimalistic theme designed to fit most websites. Going through the whole checkout process should convince them of the smooth e-commerce UX Snipcart brings. If it’s not enough for them, go on and show comparisons to other e-commerce solutions.

3. The merchant dashboard. The part of Snipcart these non-technical users will find themselves using the most in the dashboard. You can access it freely, no credit card required, by clicking the Sign up button. Walk them through the basic configurations & advanced e-commerce features to give them a sense of what Snipcart can do for their business.

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