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I'm a developer; how should I set up Snipcart for my client?

As of right now, we do not support multi-users accounts, which means there will be only one login/password used for a Snipcart account. You can follow these 5 steps to set up your e-commerce client with Snipcart:

1 - When you sign up for our service, we advise using your own email address and password at first; you'll be able to change it to your client's later on.

2 - Remain in our Test environment (selected by default in the merchant dashboard), and integrate Snipcart on your client's site with the Test API key.

3 - Define your store's products on your client's site, customize your shopping cart if you want, and go through all of your Store Configurations in the merchant dashboard.

4 - When your store and shopping cart are set up to your liking, change the email and password under Account > Profile to your client's info. Ideally, you should share this secure password in a real-life meeting with your client, or make sure to delete emails containing it.

Next, ask your client to enter his credit card information under Account > Billing & Payments in the merchant dashboard.

This will allow you to go live with Snipcart by swapping the Test API key for the Live API key on your client's website. You can find it under Account > API Keys.

Last but not least, we suggest importing your Test settings to your Live settings. Learn how to do so here.

5 - Ask your client to connect his or her payment gateway account under Store > Payment Gateway. Simple instructions to do so will appear.

Once your online store is live with Snipcart, your client will be able to manage everything e-commerce related in the merchant dashboard: orders, customers, discounts, abandoned carts & products.

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