Can I set up crowdfunding with Snipcart?

Yes, but there's a "but". Snipcart allows you to sell any kind of items on your site: physical products, donations, pre-orders, subscriptions, etc. However, Snipcart doesn't come equipped with the crowdfunding mechanisms you find on platforms like Kickstarter (automatic refunds, goal-setting, streamlined distribution, etc.). That being said, there are ways to automate many actions with Snipcart through our API and webhooks.

To double check if our feature set works for you, email us!

We love the idea of hosting customized crowdfunding on your own site, and we're happy to give a reduced fee to any crowdfunding initiative. Instead of our standard 2%, we'll lower the fee to 1.5%. Just email us when you're ready to use Snipcart for your collaborative funding initiative and we'll adjust your pricing!


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