Can I set up crowdfunding with Snipcart?

Yes, but there's a "but". Snipcart allows you to sell any kind of items on your site: physical products, donations, pre-orders, subscriptions, etc. However, Snipcart doesn't come equipped with the crowdfunding mechanisms you find on platforms like Kickstarter (automatic refunds, goal-setting, streamlined distribution, etc.). That being said, there are ways to automate many actions with Snipcart through our API and webhooks.

To double-check if our feature set works for you, email us!

We love the idea of hosting customized crowdfunding on your own site, and we're happy to give a reduced fee to any crowdfunding initiative. Instead of our standard 2%, we'll lower the fee to 1.5%. Just email us when you're ready to use Snipcart for your collaborative funding initiative and we'll adjust your pricing!

Which currencies are supported by Snipcart?

We support all currencies. Within the Snipcart merchant dashboard, you can directly configure the currency you’d like to use for your online store. However, the currency you choose must be supported by your payment gateway. Make sure your Snipcart account and your payment gateway account both use the same currency. For instance, if your Stripe account is set up in Canadian dollars (CAD) and you set American dollars (US) in your Snipcart dashboard, then the payments won’t be processed. You’ll also be able to customize the numbers format within the dashboard. As for our billing, we’ll use the conversion rate at the time of billing.

Check out our supported payment gateways for more detailed information about the currencies they support.

Note that we also have a custom payment gateway feature. It allows you to integrate Snipcart yourself with any payment method. Details here.

How can I manage inventory for my store?

Snipcart offers full online inventory management for your store.

When you sign-up free for our shopping cart platform, you'll get access to a comprehensive merchant dashboard. From there, you can manage all of your e-commerce operations, including your store inventory and products stock.

Among other things, Snipcart allows you to manage inventory in real-time using single products or more detailed product options. You can even allow out-of-stock purchases by checking a simple setting in your inventory panel.

To learn more about how to manage inventory with Snipcart, check out this comprehensive documentation section.

How do I handle chargebacks with Snipcart?

Chargebacks aren't directly handled through Snipcart. Your chosen payment gateway is the entity that'll be able to help you settle disputes & chargebacks. We'll gladly point you towards the right resources, should you need it.

I'm a developer; how should I set up Snipcart for my client?
For now, you can follow these 7 steps to set up your e-commerce client with Snipcart:

1 - When you sign up for our service, the first email used to create the account is set to Admin. Use your own email at first. 
2 - Log in to the dashboard, under Account > Users, add your customer's email as an account user. This'll give him/her full access to the account during development (if you want to). 
3 - Remain in our Test environment (selected by default in the merchant dashboard), and integrate Snipcart on your client's site with the Test API key.
4 - Define your store's products on your client's site, customize your shopping cart if you want, and go through all of your Store Configurations in the merchant dashboard.
5 - Ask your client to enter his credit card information under Account > Billing & Payments in the merchant dashboard.
This will allow you to go live with Snipcart by swapping the Test API key for the Live API key on your client's website. You can find it under Account > API Keys.

We suggest importing your Test settings to your Live settings. Learn how to do so here.

6 - Ask your client to connect his or her payment gateway account under Store > Payment Gateway. Simple instructions to do so will appear.

7 - Contact us via email or Intercom and ask for your client's email to be made Admin.
Once your online store is live with Snipcart, your client will be able to manage everything e-commerce related in the merchant dashboard: orders, customers, discounts, abandoned carts & products.
Which browsers does Snipcart support?

We support Internet Explorer 11 and above (IE11+) and all evergreen browsers.

How can I cancel my account?

Though we are sorry to see you leave, we understand that business models/needs can change. To cancel your Snipcart account:

  • Log in to your merchant dashboard.
  • Make sure you toggle the Live mode at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the small user icon at the top right corner.
  • Under the Account section, click on Profile.
  • Click on the black Cancel my account button.

We also really value feedback from our current or former customers. We would really, really appreciate it if you took a quick moment to write and tell us why you're cancelling your account! This helps us improve the quality of our product and customer service. Thanks! 

In which countries is Snipcart available?

Mostly in all of them; we love the whole world! If there happens to be a problem with using Snipcart in your country, it will probably be because of the payment gateways, which, in some ways, we depend on. Since we’re neither brokers nor payment gateways, there are some variables (like these) over which we have little control.

Please note that we now support custom payment gateways. Should you need to accept a payment method we don't support out of the box, this could come in handy. Details here.

However, if your problem has something to do with the fact that we do not support a specific gateway, feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve looked into it more deeply.

Which languages are supported by Snipcart?

All of them! Well... let’s be more precise: we support any language that has been translated until now, and you can easily translate Snipcart on your own. While the merchant dashboard will stay in English, your shopping cart can be translated into any language (for instance, one of our users is fully set up in Turkish).

Snipcart is fully customizable, from top to bottom. Simply define your own JavaScript file language and the job’s done. Moreover, the localization files are available on GitHub, so feel free to poke around add your own language if it isn’t there yet!

For a concrete example and some more details, head over to our documentation section.


What can I do if my payment gateway isn't supported?

Well, first of all, what you can do is to tell us about it! Right now, we’re doing our best to make Snipcart available to the most widely spread audience possible. See the e-commerce payment gateways we currently support.

Please note that we now support custom payment gateways. It lets you integrate Snipcart with any payment method on your end. Details here.

In order to make sure most merchants can use Snipcart, we also support PayPal Checkout, which is supported in most parts of the world. Now we know that PayPal Checkout isn’t la crème de la crème in terms of user experience: not keeping your customer on your site during checkout and payment processing is never an ideal solution. That’s why we try to include as many gateways as we can. Also, we’d be happy to look into integrating whatever payment gateways you suggest! 

We’d love to see you using Snipcart too, so feel free to contact us at geeks@snipcart.com and we’ll try to integrate your payment gateway as quickly as we can!

Can I use deferred payments with Snipcart?

Your customers don’t have to pay online, and yes, you can bill them later. Our aim here is to accommodate different payment methods and facilitate the already existing relationships between you and your clients. If, say, your client is an institution, sometimes they won’t be able to pay online with a credit card number. It’s important to us that you can use Snipcart the way it suits you best. That’s why we support deferred payments.

When configuring your Snipcart dashboard, you can choose to enable the "bill me later" option. By doing that, your customers will have an additional option when they reach the payment step inside the online shopping cart. They’ll be able to choose to pay later. No payments will be processed; you’ll be able to manage the transaction any way you see fit and bill them later!

Can I handle partial and total order refunds with Snipcart?

Of course. Partial and total order refunds can be handled directly within the merchant dashboard. Go to Dashboard > Orders, click on any Invoice number. Beneath the Details section, you’ll find a Refund button.

If you prefer to handle refunds using API, head to this documentation section.

GDPR Compliance

Do you have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Yes. We published a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and included it in our Terms of Service. You can find a copy here.

What happens if I get requests from my customers related to their data?

As of now, we’ll be the ones helping you out with this. Send us an email at privacy@snipcart.com, and we’ll provide you with requested customer data. The same thing applies if they wish to delete their data.

Can I get a copy of all my Snipcart data?

Yes. Send us an email at privacy@snipcart.com and we’ll send you a file with all of your sensitive, personal data associated with your account.

Can I delete my Snipcart data?

Yes. Send us an email at privacy@snipcart.com and we’ll take care of deleting all of sensitive, personal data associated with your account.

Standard & custom pricing

What are your rates for non-profit organizations?

All non-profit organizations can use Snipcart on the Standard plan with a reduced monthly fee. Instead of our standard 2%, we'll lower the fee to 1.5%. Simply email us when you're ready to use Snipcart and we'll adjust your pricing!

No $10 minimal monthly fee will be applied for non-profits.

Do you offer discounts for high-volume sales?

We can set up specific pricing plans for merchants with high-volume sales through our I am special plan.

We understand that, for merchants with high-volume sales, our 2% commission fee can add up to quite a lot of money. And we sure don’t want cost concerns to be the only thing stopping you from using Snipcart to help take your online business to the next level. That’s why we offer adapted and specific pricing to suit your business model and needs.

If you want to learn if your business qualifies for the I am special plan, head over to our Pricing page and fill up the contact form. We'll be in touch shortly!

How much will it cost me to use Snipcart?

Our Standard plan pricing is fairly simple: It’ll cost you 2% on total monthly sales, with a minimal monthly fee of $10.


If you’re selling over $500 a month, it’ll cost you a 2% commission on your monthly sales to use Snipcart.

If you’re selling under $500 a month, it’ll cost you $10 per month to use Snipcart.


Our I am special plan depends on your specific pricing needs (high volume sales or seasonal sales, for instance). Head over to our Pricing page for details.

Why do you charge a minimal monthly fee of $10 on the Standard plan?

At Snipcart, we believe in providing stellar support to all of our customers, regardless of the amount of monthly sales they generate. We also believe in offering a great product that will be used to create awesome web experiences, not online zombie stores.

This minimal $10 fee is a way of making sure we can achieve those two things.