Community & integrations

The developers and businesses on this page either created or outlined effective Snipcart integrations with their favorite CMS and tools. By doing so, we like to think they contributed to creating a vibrant community around Snipcart.

 If you’re looking at developing a Snipcart integration and want to be featured on our Community & integrations page, please send us an email at [email protected] See our Tutorials section for integrations developed by our Snipcart team.


Free Open-source PHP CMS


Open-source PHP CMS


Open-source PHP CMS

October CMS

Laravel-based PHP CMS

Concrete 5

Open-source PHP CMS


PHP framework

Advantage CSP

Enterprise Content Services Platform

Pulse CMS

Simple, fast PHP CMS


Community management platform


Templates & themes

Snipcart-ready templates & themes

Thanks to everyone who contributed to facilitating the integration of Snipcart into all those tools. You’re awesome.

Which CMS integration should we feature next?

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