Platform-specific Snipcart plugins

Since we launched in 2013, many developers have crafted third party e-commerce plugins using Snipcart. Being developers ourselves, we’re super thrilled by these initiatives. This page’s aim is to provide general guidelines; to help keep a certain standard of plugins quality.

Important note: We’re pleased to offer help with technical support, promotion, and a partnership kickback to developers building platform-specific Snipcart plugins. You can contact us for details.

Existing Snipcart plugins

In case you’d like to see some examples, here are some existing Snipcart third party plugins:

Snipcart plugin - minimal requirements

The main goal for your plugin's v1.0 should not be to duplicate easy-to-use Snipcart dashboard features into the platform's admin. It should simply facilitate integrations and customizations typically handled on-site.

Here are user stories to help guide your plugin development efforts:

A user can create Snipcart products in the 3rd party admin

A user can add custom fields to products

A user can manage and see his product in Snipcart’s dashboard after creation in 3rd party platform

A user can access a products listing page on his site

  • Generating a "products catalog" or on-site listing will reduce time-to-market for developers & merchants.

A user can access a product details page on his site

  • Generating individual product pages complete with buy buttons will fast-track development and general set up time.

A user can enter his Snipcart API keys

A user can automatically inject Snipcart’s required files by activating his API key

A user can specify his own CSS theme file

A user can activate a shopping cart summary icon

A user can activate client accounts through Snipcart

Additional, added-value features

  • A user can customize his shopping cart’s appearance

  • A user can define multiple currencies for products in 3rd party platform admin

  • A user can enable custom shipping configuration in 3rd party platform admin

  • Orders & inventory management in 3rd party platform admin

If you have any technical or business questions regarding Snipcart plugin development, please send us an email. We’d love to chat about it!

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