Partnership program: The more the merrier!

You’re helping your clients find their rightful place in the digital landscape? That’s great. They want to sell online? We’re here to help.

We're on the same boat

We know you are already doing a lot of hard work, and we want to facilitate your clients’ transition into the e-commerce universe. Our partnership program was specifically created for businesses and people building or designing websites for their customers. So hop on, let’s get your customers’ online stores up and running!

How it works

Agencies, developers, and designers get onboard as soon as you plug Snipcart into three of your clients' websites. Once you enter the program, you'll receive a 33% kickback on the usual 2% we charge Snipcart merchants on their monthly sales. The kickback is calculated after the minimal 10$ monthly fee. Pretty straightforward, huh?

Join our developer community

We'd love to feature you in our case studies, where we interview experienced Snipcart developers and give visibility to your project, business and personal profile. If you've developed a specific Snipcart integration with your favorite tools, we'll feature you on our Community & integrations page.

Give your clients post-project independence

Done integrating your employer’s shopping cart? Good, let us take over. We’ll provide the merchants access to a comprehensive merchant dashboard. In it, they’ll be able to create and manage discounts and keep track of sales, orders and customers. Oh, and we’ll handle support from there

Receive personalized, developer-handled support

Should you need them, our experienced developers will help you before, during and after your integration. We promise responsive, quality support via email and Missive Chat.