Enabling merchants’ success
by empowering developers

Yes, we’ve created an e-commerce solution for developers. But still, we wouldn’t be the smartest geeks in the building if it wasn’t also an exceptional fit for merchants, right? Here’s why we think you, as an online merchant, will love Snipcart.


Offer an authentic experience: CMS independence

Don’t let turnkey e-commerce solutions or rigid plugins dictate the look and feel of your online shop. With Snipcart, your developer builds a tailored website experience, using the best CMS for your needs. E-commerce is then seamlessly integrated on top of it.


Set up frictionless shopping: Cart customization

Snipcart blends in with the online brand experience you’ve established using simple CSS styles. Forget about ugly checkout pages: keep your customers on your website with a fully transactional, checkout optimized pop-up shopping cart. And you can also add real-time shipping estimates to the mix!

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Save time and money: Easy e-commerce integration

A few simple lines of code is all your developer needs to integrate Snipcart to your website. Your budget won’t suffer from heavy attacks on the development costs front. Use that money to focus on what really matters: your products, and your customers.

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Get a bird’s eye-view: Comprehensive dashboard

Within Snipcart’s administration dashboard, you can manage everything important to your business: sales, orders, customers, discounts and account settings. Get great analytics and watch over your sales through the dashboard. How easy does that sound?

Stay safe:
Secure transactions

Your customers and you can enjoy a highly secure e-commerce environment: encrypted HTTPS communications, crawlbacks for transactions verification, PCI compliant environment… we’ve got you covered!

Sell worldwide:
Physical and digital goods

Work with the payment gateway and shipping providers you prefer. Offer physical goods, digital goods and subscriptions to an international clientele. Sell from anywhere to anywhere.

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