A flexible shopping cart for freelancers

E-commerce is booming. Many clients are actively looking to hire freelancers to build online stores or add shopping carts to existing websites. With Snipcart, you can create amazing e-commerce experiences for any employer in a flash.


Turn any client website into a customizable e-commerce platform

You can use our shopping cart platform with any CMS, languages and frameworks: Snipcart’s basic integration to a website is a short JavaScript inclusion à la Google Analytics. Products are created directly in the website’s HTML by turning any links into buyable buttons. The result? An on-site, customizable pop-up shopping cart.


Get hired with competitive bids and short deadlines

Stand out with impressive price/time frames ratios: inserting our JS snippet into the HTML source code and defining the buy buttons will take a small fraction of your time. With Snipcart, you speed up your execution and provide full-fledged e-commerce platforms to any client in a few hours tops. It’s quick, easy and profitable.


Earn 33% of
our own profits

As soon as you have 3 clients running on Snipcart, you hop on the partnership program: we offer a 33% kickback on our pricing for every e-commerce website you ship with us.


Receive personalized, developer-handled support

Should you need them, our experienced developers will help you before, during and after your integration. We promise responsive, quality support via email and Intercom.


Give your clients post-project independence

Done integrating your employer’s shopping cart? Good, let us take over. We’ll provide the merchants access to a comprehensive merchant dashboard. In it, they’ll be able to create and manage discounts and keep track of sales, orders and customers. Oh, and we’ll handle support from there.

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