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What can I do if my payment gateway isn't supported?

Well, first of all, what you can do is to tell us about it! Right now, we’re doing our best to make Snipcart available to the most widely spread audience possible. See the e-commerce payment gateways we currently support.

In order to make sure most merchants can use Snipcart, we also support PayPal Checkout, which is supported in most parts of the world. Now we know that PayPal Checkout isn’t la crème de la crème in terms of user experience: not keeping your customer on your site during checkout and payment processing is never an ideal solution. That’s why we try to support as many gateways as we can. That’s also why we’ll definitely look into integrating whatever payment gateways you suggest we should support.

We’d love to see you too using Snipcart, so feel free to contact us at geeks@snipcart.com and we’ll try to integrate your payment gateway as quickly as we can!

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