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We’ve created Snipcart for web developers who, like us, felt too much pain integrating e-commerce to any website (or using restrictive, closed e-commerce ecosystems). Here’s why we think you’ll love it.


Save time Quick & simple integration

Depending on the depth of your integration, adding Snipcart to an existing website could be a matter of minutes only: inserting our JavaScript snippet into your HTML source code and defining your buy buttons using our product attributes will take a small fraction of your time.

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Break free Lean, HTML & JavaScript cart

At the core of Snipcart’s integration to a website is a simple JavaScript inclusion. If you have control over your outputted HTML markup, you can use our shopping cart with any technology. Build the site you want, static or dynamic, using your preferred CMS, languages and frameworks. Simply plug in Snipcart afterwards to handle your e-commerce needs.

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Make it yours CSS overrides and design

On the frontend side of things, you can make Snipcart your own with just a few lines of CSS. By adding overriding styles, you can customize the cart and brand experience to the fullest. Your customer will be able to totally complete his transaction inside one brand- customized pop-up shopping cart.

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Robust API & flexible webhooks

On the backend side of things, Snipcart is powered by RESTful API. So using our API and our webhooks, you can integrate Snipcart into pretty much any existing systems. For instance, you could access Snipcart data from any point, or set up a custom inventory management system.


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