Wordpress Snipcart Shopping Cart Setup

One of the most frequent request we get is “how to integrate the Snip shopping cart with Wordpress”, and this blog post aims to demonstrate the simplicity of the Snipcart plugin that will let you transform your worpress into a full e-commerce platform. This is going to be quick, so don’t blink!

Let’s start at the stage where you already have you Worpdress installed and running. Simply head to the “Plugins > Add new” section of the admin, and search for “snipcart”. Alternativly, instead of searching, you can also download the package and install it by upload.

Wordpress snipcart plugin search

The search will get you straight to the worpdress plugin package, where you can hit the “Install Now” link and get the installation started.

Wordpress snipcart plugin search result

When the installation is completed, you’ll get the “Successfully installed the plugin…” message confirming that everything went as planned.

Wordpress snipcart plugin instalation

As with any wordpress plugin, you now need to activate it by clicking on the “Activate Plugin” link. When activating the plugin when you’ll get a confirmation message that the plugin has been activated, you’ll be redirected to the installed plugins list page where you’ll now have the “Snipcart” plugin installed and activated. But most importantly, you now have a “Product” section within your Wordpress admin.

Wordpress snipcart Product admin

And if you check the public section, you also have a new “Products” menu added.

Wordpress snipcart Products menu

Now before trying it out, you still have one thing to do: setting your account api key in order to configure and link the shopping cart with you Snipcart Account. You’ll find the Api key, within your Snipcart administration > Account > Credentials.

Snipcart Api Key

Simply copy the provided Key and paste it in the Snipcart plugin settings page of wordpress : “Settings > Snipcart” and hit the save button.

Snipcart wordpress Api Key settings

That’s it! Let’s try it out. Simply go the the “Products” section of your wordpress admin and start adding your products, the same way you would do for posts and pages. You’ll have all the necessary fields to set you product parameters and properties.

Snipcart wordpress add product page

Once you’ve entered the info for your product, hit the “Publish” button, and head to the product page, where you now have a product page and a magical “Add to cart” button.

Snipcart wordpress public  product page

Snipcart wordpress shopping cart

There you have it, you now have a Wordpress shopping cart and ecommerce solution integrated with Snipcart!

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