SignalVault: Selling Crowd Hacking Protection with Snipcart

We’re an e-commerce solution: security is, consequently, paramount for us. No security, no trust. No trust, no users. So this month, we’re featuring one successful Snipcart user, SignalVault, who takes security to another level. But first, let us peek inside the world of crowd hacking for a minute.

Crowd hacking: What’s it all about?

Hackers can steal your personal info simply by walking past you.

Quite a statement, huh? Well, as crazy as it sounds, it’s still true. This new crime is just another addition to the list of ways your personal info can be jeopardized. Stories about the emergence of crowd hacking have recently begun to appear in the media. Securing personal information from data breaches is starting to get more important for citizens. Why? Because the thought that anyone with basic hacking equipment could walk past you in the mall and steal your personal identification is scary.


Crowd hacker spotted

Let’s dive into crowd hacking for a sec. You see, there’s this radio frequency identification (RFID) chip inside (American) credit and debit cards. Using an easily purchasable device, hackers can pull some evil tech magic tricks like we mentioned earlier. In a nutshell, the device reproduces the signal emitted by commercial card scanners you use every day. Your card’s chip responds to that signal, and then your info effortlessly ends up in the hacker’s hands. Scary, right?

SignalVault: Wallet-thin protection

Chris Gilpin, Signal Vault’s founder, came up with a simple but elegant solution to the whole crowd hacking problem:


Yup, that’s it. The card-slim protector above makes sure your info stays invisible to crowd hackers. It uses E-Field Technology™: it basically scrambles your RFID chip’s signal, shielding it from hacking devices. Chris Gilpin, Signal Vault’s founder, tells us that the SignalVault card acts like an anti-virus for your PC would. Makes sense.

After being featured on a news segment from San Antonio’s KENS5 network, Chris saw an explosion in demand (we saw it too hehe). Let’s just say the media often has effective ways of mobilizing the public.

The Signal Vault card isn’t the only item you can purchase: there’s also a bunch of other neat protection items on the website. Feel free to check them out!

Quick chat with the founder

Chris was kind enough to take some of his time to answer a few questions. Here’s what the man behind SignalVault had to say to our Snipcart team and our readers:

When and how did crowd hacking pop up on your radar?

Before starting SignalVault, I was (and still am) the Senior Consultant for the National Crime Stop Program which is an organization of trained public speakers on the topics of Identity Theft, Computer Crime and Personal Safety. We attend meetings and security conferences and Crowd Hacking was discussed at one of the events we attended three years ago. A hacker was able to capture the information from over 50 feet away from the target and that was when I realized we were dealing with a major issue.

What kind of feedback have you received from SignalVault users so far?

The feedback has been great so far! We have a lot of people who were using metal wallets to protect themselves switching over to the SignalVault and are happy to be able to use a normal wallet again. I think the simplicity of use and practicality are both major factors in making a decision to purchase something like this so I designed it with that in mind.

How was our product a good solution for your project?

I had been using PayPal on the site prior to switching to Snipcart and the main reason for me switching was the ease of use and customization options. PayPal is a trusted name but checkout is ugly and doesn't flow well with much of anything. Also, PayPal placed a 20% rolling reserve on my account that tied up funds I needed as a startup for 90 days - I was not happy. In Snipcart, I've found a great looking, light, easy and modifiable cart that anyone can use. Also, the support has been fantastic! Charles will typically reply within minutes whenever I have a question and since I've been using Snipcart he has done literally everything I have asked for regarding the dashboard. I am very pleased with Snipcart and would recommend it to everyone.

What have you enjoyed the most about our product so far?

The best part about Snipcart is how easy it is to use and implement. I went from PayPal to Snipcart in less than 24 hours and I switched at a time where we were getting a lot of traffic and if I wasn't able to take payments, it would've meant losing a lot of money. After going over the well-written and easy to understand documentation, I was able to add the cart, add my custom fields, export orders to my shipping system and make changes on the fly. I barely missed a beat.

What’s next for you?

We recently launched our newest product, the Passport Vault, which keeps your passport information safe. Yes, your passport has a chip in it also. We are working on some international deals, retail stores in the U.S. and Canada as well as getting on a major shopping channel.

It’s always a pleasure for us to feature cool projects our users handle with Snipcart. We hoped you enjoyed this month’s post. Oh, and if you’ve got intense or scary hacking stories and experiences, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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