Our Shopping Cart Platform's Features VS Benefits:
Full Rundown & Infographic

Snipcart's core offering is pretty straightforward: turn any website, new or existing, into an e-commerce platform in minutes. On a technical level, this can be achieved thanks to a basic HTML/JavaScript injection into a website's source code.

But you can do much more than just add a shopping cart to a website with Snipcart. And we like it that way: development freedom has always been one of our core values.

However, because of the level of flexibility our product offers, it isn't always easy to sell it to non-technical users.

In the past two years, I discussed Snipcart a lot: I presented it to non-techie users, competition judges, and web development shops in the US & Canada. Our product manager Georges and I also personally helped web agencies package and sell Snipcart. Most times, it was well worth the effort.

But I realized I often ended up writing lots of similar emails to freelance developers and web agencies. So I decided to count my keystrokes and turn this stuff into a full blog post. Consider this an evergreen resource helpful to our team, partners and potential users.

Let's start with an infographic – people love infographics

Note: the features vs. benefits approach is classic marketing gibberish. It simply means: what the product does vs. how this actually helps its user.

Around the end of 2016, we discussed Snipcart with a cool NYC agency. Our contact told us he'd love to have some visual material to present our shopping cart platform to his dev team and customers. So we crafted this simple Snipcart features vs. benefits overview:


Office story: I was almost done creating the infographic myself using Piktochart's cool design tool. But our product manager Georges told me it sucked too much. At least it ended up being a mockup for our designer. Oh well.

The above infographic covers the most obvious Snipcart features. But to enrich this post, I decided to dig a bit deeper into our product offering. You'll find below the same features vs. benefits dynamic for the rest of our e-commerce solution's features.

Extended rundown of Snipcart's features vs. benefits

Many of the following benefits are developer-powered, but most are merchant-oriented. In that sense, they're also very useful to help developers and web development shops sell Snipcart to their customers.

→ Snipcart supports recurring payments & subscriptions.

Benefits: Online merchants can set up scalable/predictable business models and collect recurring revenues directly on their e-commerce site. They can also create a hybrid offering for their customers, selling plans and products through their Snipcart shop. To top it off, their customers can also track and manage their subscriptions through a lean customer dashboard.

→ Snipcart offers a personal dashboard for your customers.

Benefits: Merchants can enable the creation of customer profiles on their site directly through Snipcart. Customers can then keep track of their previous orders or upcoming recurring billings for instance. And since customer billing/info is saved, on-site checkouts get completed way more quickly.

→ Snipcart handles inline/contextual selling.

Benefits: Since Snipcart is HTML/JS-based, it enables contextual selling. Merchants can add buyable links and buttons through native content on blogs, landing pages, or catalogs, for instance. They can trigger purchases strategically while their content is being consumed.

→ Snipcart offers an easy, flexible discount system.

Benefits: Merchants can create and promote a wide array of discount scenarios without the help of a developer. They can test and run different promotions to boost their revenues: product-specific rebates, time-limited offers, shipping-specific discounts, gift cards & more.

→ Snipcart runs automatic invoicing.

Benefits: Merchants don't have to worry about running and tracking billing operations for their e-commerce site. Sending instant, customized invoices to their customers, and collecting proofs of payments in their dashboard is automated for them.

→ Snipcart provides a responsive shopping cart.

Benefits: Merchants can offer a consistent, responsive shopping experience on devices of any size: desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. With a mobile-friendly online store, they stop losing sales to painful mobile browsing and buying.

→ Snipcart ensures secure transactions & hosting.

Benefits: Every information sent through Snipcart is encrypted using HTTPS/SSL. Every transaction is crawled back by our app to ensure no data has been altered. Thus, merchants can run their e-commerce without worrying about security issues. They can also promote security with confidence to their customers on their e-commerce site.

→ Snipcart integrates with major payment gateways.

Benefits: By connecting their Snipcart account to one of the major payments providers in the industry, merchants can handle worldwide, fast & secure transactions.

→ Snipcart provides a flexible shipping set-up.

Merchants can choose the major shipping provider best serving their needs and ship securely all over the world. Thanks to our API integrations, they can also offer real-time shipping estimates to avoid late, bad checkout surprises for their customers. If they prefer, they can handle shipping with a custom carrier of their own too.


A simple, frontend shopping cart is just the tip of Snipcart's iceberg. I sincerely hope this post helps developers and merchants witness a better, more complete picture of the whole product.

We're pretty proud of the e-commerce solution we've developed since we started. But we're not going to stop perfecting it. As I'm writing this, we're actively working on an improved v2.0 of our frontend cart. If you're interested in the specifics, check out the code journal we're keeping. We'd also love for you to contribute to Snipcart's development. Here's how you can suggest features, or develop plugins. :)

If you found the post valuable in any way, please, go ahead and send a tweet our way. And if you'd like to integrate Snipcart into your e-commerce offering, check out our partnership program. Questions, feedback? Comments section is all yours.

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