Quality Feedback: Using Typeform to Chat with Our Active Users

Growing a startup is a fast-paced, demanding process. Immersed in our respective roles at Snipcart, we tend to focus on things like sales, growth, product development, and content. They’re good things to focus on; there’s no doubt about that. But they shouldn’t keep us from focusing on the one thing that matters the most: our customers.

Just ask Alex from GrooveHQ, who took the time to talk directly with 500 of his customers last year. Such an exercise matters, a lot. We haven’t had a one-to-one call with 500 of them, but we’ve managed to establish a valuable discussion recently. And to do so, we’ve used a form-creating tool you might have heard of: Typeform.

First things first: what were our objectives?

Our main goal was to connect with our active users, to better understand their different relationships with our product. We started by setting 5 objectives we wanted our Typeform survey to accomplish:

  1. Quantify and segment our active users’ profiles
  2. Identify our most important sources of business
  3. Determine the most important alternatives to Snipcart
  4. Precise our unique value proposition
  5. Collect direct feedback and validate our product roadmap

For this survey, we obtained a 10% response rate among all of our active user base. First, let’s have a look at the tool we used for the job.

Using Typeform: awesome forms, for real

Typeform’s mission is pretty simple: make forms awesome. After using it thoroughly to collect feedback for Snipcart, I must say they achieve their mission quite successfully.

To put it bluntly, I’d say they just nailed the handling of the whole survey process.

The ease with which I was able to build a form, set up an array of different question types, customize the design and distribute my survey was impressive. I found features such as logic jumps and hidden fields to be super valuable in order to create the most relevant survey possible for our different users.

Another important thing: I’m the “content guy” like we often say here at Snipcart (read: the only non-developer). But using their clean, intuitive UI and straightforward knowledge base, I was able to handle the whole thing without shoulder tapping any of our devs, which always feels great to me.

When it came time to analyze our gathered data, I simply jumped back and forth between the results and reports tabs.


You can try out the survey we’ve built for our active users here. Don’t worry, it won’t mess up our data: we’ve set up a sandbox parameter in the URL to avoid collecting results (another cool Typeform feature, by the way).

Now let’s dive into those survey results and see what we’ve observed and learned.

Chatting with our active users: results and feedback

So who’s using our “shopping cart for developers”?

As we expected, a strong majority of our respondents had programming skills: they were either developers working for merchants (14%), or merchants & developers at the same time (62%). The 24% users we had left were merchants less acquainted with programming.

Insight: Even though we constantly say we’ve built a shopping cart for developers, it seems like a majority of our users also use it as merchants. This means we need to have a stronger focus on merchant-related features such as our admin dashboard and analytics.

How did our users find out about Snipcart?

More than half of the respondents found us through Google. Most of the others heard about our product through personal or professional recommendation.

On Google, they used keywords such as:

shopping cart html shopping cart shopping cart for website website shopping carts javascript shopping cart integrate shopping cart into existing website

Insight: People who found us through Google didn’t use keywords in the “e-commerce” range such as “e-commerce platform” or “e-commerce solution”. The focus was on the “cart” aspect of things.

Insight: Just like organic traffic, word-of-mouth appears to be a powerful business driver for us. We ought to keep stimulating this phenomenon by providing stellar, personalized support as much as we can.

What alternatives to Snipcart did our users consider?

More than half of the respondents considered both CMS addons & plugins (WooCommerce) and Fully hosted solutions (Shopify), before choosing Snipcart.

A third of the respondents also considered Custom e-commerce and API-based platforms.

Insight: Even though most of our respondents were technical people (76%), simple plugins and fully hosted solutions were the alternatives the most cited. We should start considering those solutions as direct competitors and try as best as we can to differentiate ourselves from them, highlighting our unique value proposition when compared to them.

Letting our users speak up

The benefits of using Snipcart

The benefit statement with which most of our active users agreed was:

> It allowed me to save development time and costs (76%)

The other two most chosen statements were:

It allowed me to use any technology I wanted to (62%) It allowed me to spend reasonable operational fees (52%)

Half of the respondents still agreed with the two other statements:

It allowed me to create a customized shopping experience It allowed me to create a beautiful shopping experience

Insight: we don’t quite mention the actual benefits (as opposed to features) of using Snipcart anywhere on our current website. We should integrate them in our brand message, to explicit our value proposition to users who are trying to either understand Snipcart or choose an e-commerce solution. Making a strong point out of our product’s ease of integration and our technology independence should definitely be considered for our future “marketing” moves.

What people want us to improve upon


Inventory management seems to be the highest priority for our respondents (45%).

Insight: With these results, however, it’s hard to draw a clear conclusion such as “we should definitely focus on this thing”. For instance, as we’re writing this, recurring payments and subscriptions is the number 1 feature we’re working on. We’ve received so many requests that it has been prioritized over the rest. I do think the results showing here indicate that there’s room for improvement in many directions. We’ll keep prioritizing these directions as we did, which is by frequency and number of requests.

Would our users recommend our product?


Yes, they would! We were happy to see that we averaged 8.97 on the recommendation scale.

Insight: Keep being awesome.

So what now?

Of course, we intend to put this qualitative and quantitative data to good use. First, we’re going to use it to review our features development backlog thoroughly. Comparing the numbers of features highlighted in the survey with the numbers of features suggested in our support system will be a good starting point.

We’re also going to use the feedback to optimize our upcoming website. The actual one sure looks pretty, but it isn’t effective enough when it comes to conversions and UX. Armed with this fresh feedback, we’ll be able to better explain our product and address our users’ pains in our copy and content.

As of right now, organic traffic is our most precious source of business. Google Analytics and our respondents confirmed it a few times already. We’ll keep focusing on content and website optimization to nurture this traffic and accelerate our growth.

We also plan on finding the time to focus on our administrator dashboard. While it’s functional and helpful, there are various areas where it’s lacking effectiveness, especially for merchants.

Last but not least, we intend to keep using Typeform to collect feedback from different segments of inactive Snipcart users.

We’d like to end this by taking the time to thank all of our busy users who took the time to answer our survey. If it weren’t for your awesome e-commerce projects, we wouldn’t even be here today! :)

Now maybe you’re reading this going “Hey, I’d like to give those guys my feedback too!”. Well, we have this entry for you. Go ahead, tell us anything you want! If you have comments regarding our experience using Typeform to collect user feedback, hit the section below. And if you found the post to be valuable or entertaining, we’d love it if you shared it on your social media channels!

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