Live Hangout - Full Recap: Integrating Snipcart with Craft CMS

On February 12th, 1 PM EST, we hosted a live Google Hangout with Anna Brown (Craft developer), Brandon Kelly (Craft creator) and Charles Ouellet (Snipcart lead engineer and co-founder).

The aim was mostly to show Craft developers how easy it is to integrate Snipcart with the awesome CMS that Craft is. Anna Brown was kind enough to demo some code and illustrate how she implemented our shopping cart for a cool e-commerce project (see: Sackwear).

As promised during the Hangout, we’re sharing the session’s recording on our blog. Since we already know many Craft developers are interested in using Snipcart, we believe the video itself can be a valuable tutorial and QA forum. Here it is:

Live Hangout TL;DW

Don’t have the time to watch the whole Hangout embedded above? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find all the important stuff we talked about under the following Questions asked and Helpful resources sections.

Questions asked: our answers

Below are all the questions that were asked on Twitter with our related answers. We’ve included relevant links and resources when appropriate.

Jacob Graf asked: What prevents someone from modifying data-item-price in dev tools to name their own price?

A: We ensure a crawl-back double check on every transaction to prevent anyone from doing this. Take a look at this security section of our documentation.

Gabriel Garrido asked: Can I use jQuery to set a minimum of amount of items in the cart before being able to checkout and not break anything?

A: For the moment, we don’t have a way to do this. We plan to add custom validation through our Javascript API. It might be possible to do something with what we already have in place in our Javascript API.

Andrea DeMers asked: Can the Snipcart Checkout also be localized for fully multilingual store?

A: Yes it can. You can take a look at this part of our documentation for more information. It’s quite easy to integrate!

Doug St. John asked: Can you manage multiple Craft sites in one Snipcart interface?

A: Yes, you can bind multiple domains to a Snipcart account. But you need to use absolute URLs in data-item-url.

Doug St. John asked: Can you fully style the modal cart?

A: Yes you can! We suggest you read those two interesting posts on the subject:

Customizing Snipcart to Reflect the Style of Your Website

Customizing Snipcart Part 2: Full-Screen Cart

John D. Wells asked: Where do you manage/design transactional emails?

A: You can add a custom logo to the invoice and a custom message in the footer of the invoice. These settings are available in our admin dashboard.

Doug St. John asked: Can Snipcart handle subscriptions as well as one-off products? John D. Wells asked: Do you have the ability to sell subscriptions, i.e. recurring payments?

A: Recurring payment is the main feature we are working on right now. We’ll keep everyone posted on Twitter, via our newsletter, and on our blog as soon as we roll it out.

Brad Bell asked: Has there ever been any downtime with the API? How reliable is it?

A: Only once, when our infrastructure provider went down for a few hours. We added a failover plan since then. We’re confident it is very reliable!

Helpful resources

For a basic demo of how to integrate Snipcart with Craft, we suggest you read this post:

Integrating Snipcart with Craft CMS: A Child’s Play!

However, we strongly recommend you take the time to watch Anna’s demo in the Hangout recording (it’s much cooler and more complete).

If you’re interested in learning more about inventory management with Snipcart and Craft, we’ve got two resources for you. The first one is a blog post we wrote a while ago:

Managing Your Craft Inventory Using Snipcart Webhooks

Second one is a cool plugin developed by our friend Matt Stein. It allows users to browse through orders, customers and discounts directly inside the CMS control panel. You can check it out on GitHub.

Of course, the most helpful resource of all is still us. If you have any question, idea or suggestion, you can contact us anytime at We’ll be pleased to help you or discuss anything Snipcart/Craft-related.

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who attended our live Hangout. We hope some of you end up building something really awesome with Snipcart & Craft. And also: major shoutout to Anna Brown for doing this demo with us. Thanks for your time, your support and your expertise, Anna (you’re awesome).

If you found any value in this post (and in the Hangout), please share the article on your own social media channels. We’d really appreciate it! As always, your feedback is welcomed in the comments below.

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