First Blog Post: The Pledge

Better late than never to publish our first blog post!

This is Snipcart’s blog. We’re a team of hardcore geeks and developers and we aim at providing an easy kick-ass shopping cart and e-commerce platform.

We’re experienced developers, designers and managers and we have built multiple hardcore management platforms that range from a simple shopping cart to a complete inventory management system integrated with an ERP. Snipcart has been built technology and CMS independent. Whether you use PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Java or brainfuck, as long as you have control over your outputted HTML markup, Snipcart can be plugged in. CMS, you say? No problem! If it’s WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco or your favourite homemade in-house platform, again, if you have access to the HTML you can easily use Snipcart and start selling online within minutes.

We’re based out of beautiful Québec City, Canada and have been crafting great software for the past 5 years for the greatest organizations and customers at Spektrum Media! Snipcart has been built and published as an answer to the lack of developer-oriented solutions in the e-commerce scene, and as a team we pledge to the following statements:

  • Deliver a beautiful and easy to integrate shopping cart platform
  • Develop user-driven features based on real pains and requirements
  • Provide out-of–this-world personalized support and help
  • Always offer a developer-oriented product

This blog will post product news but will also publish interesting facts, developer experiences and various geek and e-commerce related articles! Whether it’s negative or positive, as long as it’s constructive, let us know what you think and how you think we can make our product better!