Argosy Console: Selling High-End Studio Furniture with Snipcart

One thing I’ll never get tired of at Snipcart is seeing the array of different customers that use our product. From underground beer coolers to glass art classes, we’ve seen some pretty funky e-commerce businesses selling online with our shopping cart.

Today I want to profile another impressive client of ours: Argosy Console. Ever since 1994, they’ve been selling high-end, highly customizable studio and technical furniture. In simpler words, they give producers and artists the technical means to create great music.


The products they design and manufacture can be found all over the world, in thousands of world-class recording control rooms, post-production houses, film facilities and high tech venues. Thanks to the excellence of their equipment, they’ve collected praises and endorsements from lots of top producers in the industry.

They started selling online with Snipcart a few months ago, integrating our cart to their international catalog of products. In order to get to know them a little better, we contacted Mervin Weaver from Argosy and asked him a few questions. He was kind enough to bring us a little deeper into their world and provide valuable feedback on our e-commerce solution. Here’s the full interview:

Interview with Mervin Weaver from Argosy Console


Q: So I hear it’s your 20th anniversary this year (happy birthday!). Have you done anything special for the occasion?

A: Thank you! We celebrated our 20yr Anniversary by releasing the all new ECLIPSE - a stronger, faster, leaner console support system. It’s been incredibly well received already by many of the top studios and post production studios around the world. It’s been very exciting. There’s a quick video overview of the Eclipse here.

Q: It’s my understanding that many renowned producers sing Argosy Console products’ praise. How does that feel?

A: It’s quite humbling and naturally very gratifying to get feedback from our clients on how their room / space has been transformed by adding ARGOSY. It’s exactly what we are striving for, to add value to people’s lives and help them in their creative process.

Q: What would you say your biggest customer acquisition channel is?

A: Word of mouth, definitely.

Q: You have many dealers selling your products all over the world. But how has the e-commerce part of things been for your company?

A: Our hybrid distribution model allows those individual clients that we have a relationship with over the years to continue to interact with us in that process and many of them choose to use the convenience of web ordering / e-commerce; while, so many clients in the industry have a “go to” person that they rely on for acquiring new gear... those dealers are invaluable and have been a huge part of our success.

Q: Which product would you say is your biggest seller online?

A: Well it’s a competitive enough business that I probably shouldn’t say specifically..., but demand is really well spread out throughout our product offering.

Q: What made you decide to choose Snipcart for your online store at Argosy?

A: The thing that first caught my eye was the ease of integration with our existing website. We have built our website from the ground up, and didn't want to transition to something that would give us less control over the look and functionality of the site. We also didn't want to maintain a separate site for online purchases - we wanted customers to be able to purchase online without ever leaving our site. After researching more, Snipcart seemed to have all the right features for us. The cart is lightweight and integrates right into our website, no CMS required. The cart was user-friendly, with a polished look that doesn't look incongruous with the rest of our website. And there are plenty of options for customizing the cart functionality.

Q: What are the things you enjoy the most about our shopping cart platform?

A: Ease of implementation - it was great to be able to recommend Snipcart as an option to our company, and have basic functionality online the same day. I've also enjoyed making things happen with the provided webhooks. For example, most of the items on our website ship in large, multi-piece shipments. Most online tools for calculating shipping rates are not designed for items that ship in multiple boxes. We already have a system built for calculating shipping rates, and were able to plug into that to get the shipping rates for Snipcart. The API is well built as well, and your devs are responsive, which makes it easy to make the cart behave to our liking.

Q: We know there’s always room for improvement, so: how could we make Snipcart an even better e-commerce solution for you?

A: I think the features we'd like most are already in the works. We'd love to be able to handle order cancellations in the dashboard. We also don't have access to our preferred payment processor (Payflow Pro). And lastly, we like how the order confirmation/invoice looks, but it would be nice to have a little more control over the layout and content of correspondence sent to the customer from the cart.

We’d like to thank Mervin again for taking some of his precious time to chat with us. You can learn a little more about Argosy here, and follow their story here. We will soon start featuring developers who’ve played around with Snipcart on the blog. We should be back with such a feature next month. In the meantime, feel free to share this article on Twitter if you’ve enjoyed it!

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